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Patient growth by limiting attrition

New patient numbers are one of the top metrics used to analyze the health of a dental practice but creating an environment where patients don’t want to leave is another strategy for growth.

Time is money

What if ‘time is money’ meant investing into patient relationships and education? Rather than making appointments as short as possible, you can schedule the time you need to build rapport and explain the importance of moving forward with recommended treatments. A patient who feels valued is more likely to trust their dentist, and a patient who understands how treatment will benefit them is more likely to agree to it.

More than just a set of teeth

Patient growth hinges on treating patients like people. In dentistry, it’s easy to start seeing patients as walking sets of teeth. If you want patients to become intertwined with your story, it’s vital that you take the time to get involved with theirs. Embrace a humanistic attitude and take a genuine interest in people’s lives.

Provide a broader range of services

Investing in new equipment can boost your revenue by allowing you to offer new treatments to your loyal base. From in-house crowns to laser dentistry, advanced dental software and more, providing additional services to the patients you’ve already got is an effective way to improve your bottom line.

Obstacles to be overcome

Making a cultural shift from a fast-paced, efficiency-based culture to a patient-centered approach can feel uncomfortable. It’s easy to feel panicked when the schedule’s not as packed as it once was and it can take time to see the financial results come through.