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Ideas for online reputation management

A rating scale for a review showing three stars out of 5

Maintaining a positive online reputation can really help your digital marketing efforts. Here are a few tactics to consider for your online reputation management arsenal.

Fill out your listings

Take the time to fill out every section of your Google Business listing, Facebook page and Yelp account. These are free opportunities to explain in detail all the compelling reasons why a patient should choose your practice.

Confirm the legitimacy of any negative reviews

Most online review platforms allow you to flag reviews and have them removed if the reviewer is unable to confirm that they were a legitimate patient. In the interim, write a thoughtful, unemotional response to the review acknowledging the patient’s concerns.

Take the conversation offline

If you can, reach out directly to a negative reviewer and discuss their concerns one-on-one. Often a resolution can be reached where the patient willingly takes down the review. Avoid engaging in a back-and-forth regarding a negative review online.

Counter 1-star reviews with 5-star reviews

Review platforms receive millions of entries every day. While it may feel “unfair,” there are going to be times when an inaccurate review is allowed to remain. Instead of worrying about negative reviews, shift your focus to encouraging patients who love your practice to post positive reviews.

What patients say about your practice online is an important component of generating new leads. From boosting traffic to your website to improving where your practice lands on Google local searches, the better your reputation, the more likely it is that digital leads land up in your chair and not someone else’s.