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Email Marketing for Dentists

Training patients to consistently schedule a 6-month checkup or annual cleaning is no easy task. Going to the dentist just isn’t at the forefront of most people’s worries!

But one trick can keep the idea fresh in their mind: email marketing.

In this post, we’ll teach you how to craft the perfect newsletter. Soon, your practice will be able to take advantage of this cost-effective technique that positions you as an expert, builds rapport with your patients and drives referrals into your chair.

Get the Timing Right and Keep it Consistent

How often you send out a newsletter is up to you. Once a month? Once a quarter? Every other month?

Whatever schedule you choose, stick to it. Long or inconsistent gaps between communications make it more difficult to build a relationship.

Keep the following in mind when making your final decision:

  • Putting together a quality newsletter takes time. Don’t overload your plate by setting tight deadlines you can’t meet.
  • Don’t send too many or too few. You need enough frequency to stay connected without frustrating patients with an inbox full of dental information.

Mobile, Branded & Shareable

Whatever email marketing platform you use, make sure that the content you create can be easily viewed on a mobile platform. Otherwise, you’ll lose half of your audience.

Use the exact same branding template you display in your office. Same logo, same colors, same fonts. You want readers to recognize your brand before they read a single word.

Quick share buttons allow patients to post your content to their social media page at the tap of a finger. More sharing means more exposure for your dental practice.

Use Imagery

A newsletter should be quick and to the point. Punch fast with a large eye-catching hero image. Don’t drone on and on with a wall of text.

A newsletter is meant to be a portal. Just enough information to get a patient to click through to your blog or website or to take another action.

Stay Focused

There’s no reason to cover the full A to Z of home dental care in your first newsletter. Pick 1 to 3 topics max to cover with any given issue.

Provide just enough detail to keep readers engaged without going into overload mode. Don’t bore patients with information overload before you get a chance to request a call to action.

Request a Call to Action

  • Schedule your annual cleaning today.
  • Come in for a checkup every six months.
  • Visit our website for more information.
  • Call to discuss whether you’re a candidate for…

Every single email should finish with you asking your patients to “do” something.

Educational & Useful

Writing content for dental office newsletters is incredibly easy. Simply provide value to your readers by sharing tips on how they can improve their oral health at home.

Write content people actually want to read.

Get Familiar with the CAN-SPAM Act

Staying in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act is simple, but do have a quick read to ensure your practice isn’t breaking any rules.