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Trends in social media marketing

Keeping up with social media marketing trends for your dental practice can be a challenge. With digital marketing growing faster every year, how can you stay ahead of the curve?

Here are a few current trends worth noting as you map out your social media strategy.

Shorter, simpler content

While there is still space in your content calendar for polished videos and write-ups, most people on social media have a short attention span. Simple content that can be consumed quickly often fares better than longer, more complex videos and text.

Have fun

While your patients expect you to be the consummate professional when you’ve got your drill in hand, they’re not looking to consume the sort of content you’d hear at a dental conference when scrolling through their social media feed. On social media, your practice is not really competing with other dental practices for attention. You’re competing with your patients’ friends, family, and personal interests. To catch their eye and draw them in to your post, content can be more aligned with the fun stuff that’s typically shared on social media platforms.

Use stories

Facebook and Instagram stories provide a unique marketing opportunity that few dental practices are tapping into. Yes, stories only stay up for 24 hours but they appear at the top of your feed, giving your content a better chance of being seen. Think of story content as candid snapshots of you and your team’s day.

Video Q&A

Scheduling live video question and answer sessions is one of the most effective ways to connect with your practice’s followers.

Don’t overthink it

Unlike a billboard that could sit over the highway for years, social media content comes and goes in a flash. Don’t stress over posting content that doesn’t work. Just make a note of the flops and do something different moving forward. There’s little harm in posting a dud. In fact, bad content hardly gets seen by anyone. Consistency is more important than perfection when it comes to building organic traffic for your social media pages.