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Understanding the benefits of 3D imaging

A doctor review a 3d image of her patients mouth with them

3D imaging is a technology that helps oral surgeons provide an elevated level of precision and care to patients. In this post, we’ll explain what 3D imaging is and how this state-of-the-art diagnostic tool benefits you.

A faster, more precise way to digitize your teeth and jaw

Using a laser or 3D scanner, a trained technician can capture thousands of digital images from different angles to create a three-dimensional model. When compared to the two-dimensional images output by an x-ray machine, digital models build not only a more complete image of the mouth and jaw, but also an image showing finer details.

Uses of 3D imagery

The precision of a 3D image makes it easier for oral surgeons to:

  • Diagnose the cause of discomfort
  • Accurately plan for dental implant placement
  • Better understand surgical requirements
  • Gain a more accurate understanding of your facial and dental structures

Improved patient education

An advantage of 3D imaging over traditional technologies is that it’s easier for your doctor to explain what is wrong, show you where the problem is, and help you understand how their proposed treatment will work to resolve your issue and improve your long-term oral health. X-rays can be difficult to read if you are not a medical professional.

Fewer trips to the office

Once a 3D model is created and saved, the same imagery can be used for multiple purposes. This means fewer appointments. Modern scanners also reduce the amount of radiation patients are exposed to.

A personalized treatment plan

A precision map of your mouth and jaw opens up the possibility of truly custom oral health care. Every patient is different. The more data available about each patient’s mouth, the easier it is to develop a highly personalized treatment plan.

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