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Answers to common questions about implants

Considering dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth but still need more information? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. Are implants expensive? Contrary to popular belief, implants may be the most affordable treatment choice in the long run. Implants may often significantly outlast other restorations, whereas other options may require replacing […]

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Exercising after oral surgery

If you’re scheduled to have oral surgery, you might wonder how many workouts you’ll miss. Better safe than sorry Exercising immediately after any surgery is generally not a good idea. While you might think oral surgery is different because it’s located in your mouth, the reality is that strenuous exercise slows your body’s ability to […]

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Helping parents to get kids to floss

Most parents do a good job of teaching their children how to brush properly, but flossing is more challenging. Here are a few tips you can give parents to help them raise a flosser. Start the learning process early Children can typically begin flossing their own teeth from the age of seven, but the time […]

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Minimizing the effects of inflation on your practice

With the upheaval of the pandemic now largely in the rearview mirror, dental practice owners have a new challenge to deal with–higher than average inflation. Here are some tips for navigating this tricky economic situation. Increase production to offset the cost of staffing The labor supply is tight across all healthcare industries, including dentistry. This […]

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What is socket preservation?

Socket preservation is a small bone graft that is placed in the socket of an extracted tooth to enhance bone growth and prepare the socket for a future dental implant. Preparing an extracted tooth for implant placement The best practice for replacing an extracted tooth with a dental implant is typically to place the implant […]

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Why are implants so reliable?

Dental implants are successful in more than 95% of cases. The success rate is even higher for healthy patients who don’t have any major risk factors. So why are dental implants so reliable? They function just like your natural teeth Unlike other tooth replacement options that only replace part of your damaged or missing natural […]

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Reasons to extract wisdom teeth when you’re younger

Having your wisdom teeth removed in your teens or early twenties is something to consider. There are considerable benefits to not waiting for the procedure. Wisdom tooth extraction is more difficult later in life The older you get, the more established the roots of your teeth become. This means that the sooner you have a […]

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Four ways implants make your life better

If you’re missing one or more teeth, implants can be more than just a permanent tooth replacement treatment—they can improve your quality of life. 1. Love the way you look Nobody likes the way their mouth looks when there’s a gap in their smile. Filling those holes with new teeth can make all the difference.  […]

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Tips for driving more patient referrals

In a field like dentistry, where trust is such a big part of the buying decision, referrals are a critical part of the marketing mix. Here are a few strategies to get your patients talking about your practice to friends, family and coworkers. Show them a sign Hanging a sign near the front desk to […]

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Dentistry trends

Dentistry is evolving every day. To stay competitive, you’ve got to keep a keen eye on what’s trending across the industry. Here are some industry trends. Comfort and convenience The rise of clinical choice and patient expectations will continue to put an emphasis on customer service. Moving forward, patients will presume doctor skill and excellent […]