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5 Facebook tips for dental practices

Love it or hate it, Facebook is an important marketing tool in today’s connected world. Approximately two-thirds of all Americans are on Facebook, including many of your patients. Here are five tips to help your practice connect with patients on Facebook.

1.  Fill out your business page thoroughly

There are two big reasons to fill out every section of your business page profile: (1) Patients are coming to your page looking for information, (2) A fully completed profile is easily searched and more likely to pop up organically when patients are using Facebook to find local dentists

2.  Make a great first impression with your cover photo

Your cover photo is the first thing visitors see when they land on your page. Use an image that tells a story about your brand and draws readers in. Try to use as little text as possible.

3.  Post engaging content

Social media content should be short, to the point and easy to digest. Think photos and videos. Keep all text as brief as you can. Respond in a timely manner to comments on your page and to private messages. Develop a posting plan that is frequent and consistent. Map out the content you’ll share in advance or use timed posts to maintain a predictable posting rhythm.

4.  Consider investing in Facebook ads

Facebook ads can be highly targeted and are a very efficient way to reach a specific audience. If you’re serious about expanding your patient base using Facebook, you’ll likely need to spend some money to get it done, but don’t worry, setting a daily budget you’re comfortable with is easy to do.

5.  Be human

The operatory needs to be sterile. Your Facebook page doesn’t. From community outreach programs you’re participating in to interesting stories, Facebook is the place to share everything related to your practice that doesn’t fit in the clinical setting. Interact with your followers in a natural manner and don’t be afraid to let patients know there’s a regular person behind the scrubs.

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