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5 practice productivity hacks

Working to boost productivity at your practice is a never-ending quest. Here are five ideas to give productivity a jumpstart.

1.   Tighten up wait times

Tweak your systems to shorten wait times, make sure front office staff give each patient an estimated wait time to set expectations.

2.   Online patient scheduling

The benefits of online scheduling include:

  • It frees up your staff to take care of other tasks
  • It reduces errors and misunderstandings
  • It is easier for patients to find an available time slot that works with their schedule

3.   Confirm appointments by text

Successful appointment confirmation is key to limiting no-shows or late cancellations. Use SMS messages to remind patients of appointments and request a text confirmation. Text is one of the easiest mediums to encourage patients to participate in two-way communication regarding appointment confirmation.

4.   Invest in telephone training

While more people are scheduling appointments online, or over text, you still need to put your best foot forward when it comes to answering and handling incoming calls.

5.   Be more transparent with treatment pricing

It’s tricky to determine the right time to tell a patient the exact cost of following through with a treatment plan. By being transparent with treatment pricing, you may be able to improve your acceptance rate–by giving patients the chance to analyze up front whether treatment is in their budget. Setting initial consultations with patients who will not move forward with treatment due to cost alone is a waste of your time and theirs, and a drag on production.