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5 tips for improving case presentation

There’s a saying in the dental industry that says patients will pay for what they want, but do almost anything to get out of paying for what they need.

Sometimes, all you’ve got to do is help patients understand why they should want what they need! Here are some tips on how your present treatment options to patients.

Build trust with your patients

A patient that trusts you trusts your recommendations.

Build rapport by getting to know your patients beyond the scope of their oral care. We understand that you’re busy and that there’s a room full of other patients waiting for treatment but establishing a relationship with your patients is key to them following your guidance.

Cement trust with your patients by explaining the types of things you’re looking for during a regular checkup. Don’t leave the patient in the dark about what you’re seeing in their mouth.

Paint a picture with pictures, not words

Using an inter-oral camera and monitor, it’s easy to show patients exactly what issues exist with their teeth and where.

Ask your patients what they see in the images to get them involved in the discovery process. They’ll have a harder time imagining they didn’t see the crack after pointing it out themselves on the screen.

Time, money or fear

Many patient objections can be narrowed down to one of these three things: time, money or fear. Listen carefully to which objection relates to each patient. Once you identify the primary obstacle for each patient, you can counter it during your case presentation.

Mention payment plans and discount opportunities for patients worried about cost. Talk about pain-free dentistry for those concerned about discomfort. Offer after-hours or weekend appointments to patients with a busy schedule.

Use everyday language

Speaking to patients like you’re at a dental conference makes treatment sound more complex and than it really is. Resist the urge to prove your expertise with technical terminology and instead use vocabulary that’s easy to understand.

Focus on same-day treatment

Whenever possible, work patients into your schedule for immediate treatment. Acceptance rates improve significantly when the work can be done the same day it is presented. Many patients take time off work for their dental appointment, so helping them to use their time more efficiently is an attractive option.

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