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6 benefits of fluoride varnish

Operating a dental practice comes with deciding on the best methods to use, and implementing fluoride varnish may be one of them.

Here are six reasons why fluoride varnish is worth considering as the go-to application for your hygiene department.

1.  Fast drying for patient comfort and maximum success

Fluoride foams and gels work well for slowing tooth decay and decreasing sensitivity if you give them time to do their job.But waiting up to four minutes for full fluoride absorption involves patience. Fluoride varnish dries almost immediately. It is also available in a variety of flavors.

 2.  Fewer restrictions following the visit

Once dry, the thin coat of varnish lining the teeth cannot be washed away with eating or drinking. This means patients can continue their day normally as soon as they get out of the chair.Compare this to traditional products that require 30 minutes or longer of no drinking or eating post-visit.

 3.  Fluoride varnish can’t be swallowed

A safety hazard for young patients is swallowing gels applied for cavity protection. With a fast drying varnish, this is no longer an issue.Fluoride varnish is safe for patients of all ages, including infants, toddlers and small children. It can be used for every application in your office, eliminating the need to stock multiple fluoride products.

 4.  Long-lasting absorption

Properly applied varnish offers fluoride absorption for up to 24 full hours, providing even greater protection against tooth sensitivity and decay.

 5.  Faster hygiene appointments

The cost difference between varnish, foam and gel is negligible. But in terms of time, the benefits of switching to fluoride varnish can really add up.

6.  Increased patient acceptance

Following an unpleasant experience with foam or gel, a patient may refuse fluoride treatment during their next hygiene appointment. Fluoride varnish will improve patient acceptance rate because it’s faster, more comfortable and has fewer restrictions.

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