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Best practices for your Google Business Profile

Your Google Business Profile offers more opportunities than ever to boost your visibility and educate potential patients on your services. To get the most out of your profile, here are a few simple tips.

Complete every element of your profile

According to Google’s analytics, customers are 2.7 times more likely to find a business to be reputable when their Google Business Profile listing is complete. They’re also 70% more likely to click through and visit the business’s website.

Upload photos and video

Photos and video add depth to your Google Business Profile and give you an opportunity to share your brand with prospective patients before they visit your website. Use this free opportunity to showcase your practice and humanize your brand with authentic imagery.

Insert keywords into your profile

Working a few keywords into your profile can boost your ranking. Insert phrases like “dentist in <your location>,” “<your location> dentist,” and so on.

Link patients directly to Google Business reviews

Your Google Business Profile provides a page where patients can write a review of your practice. Paste this link into your monthly newsletter, social media pages and other patient communications to encourage patients to review you.

Answer all questions and respond to all reviews

Responding to questions on your profile provides that answer to all future visitors. If one prospective patient needs that information, there’s a good chance that others will, too.

Use posts to share news

It’s possible to share posts on your Google Business Profile. You can use these posts to keep your community informed about what’s new at your practice and advertise special offers.

Keep your profile up to date

Managing your Google Business Profile isn’t a set it and forget it task. Be sure to check in occasionally to make sure all your information is still accurate, including days and hours of operation, staffing, location, services and more.