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How quality photography can boost your practice marketing

Upgrading to higher quality photography for your marketing materials might just increase patient engagement. Professional photography can make the difference between a website that makes a splash and one that looks like every other practice in the area.

Photography is an integral part of marketing

In the digital marketing world, you only have a split second to catch a reader’s eye and draw them in to read your messaging. The secret is to have your imagery do most of the heavy lifting. Photography gives you the power to paint a bigger story than can only with words. Show prospective patients that you’re a talented clinician in an instant with before and after photos of your work. Photographs can convince any skeptical patients that you can help them.

Minimize stock photography

It’s often obvious to visitors to your website when the people and images presented on the page are not from your practice, even if they’ve never visited your office. Quality photographs of your practice, your team and your work builds trust in a way generic photographs can’t.

When you may need a pro

At this point, you might be wondering, “Can’t I just buy a nicer camera and learn to take great photos myself?” You absolutely can. You can also train a motivated staff member to learn how to do it.

Taking great photos can involve lighting, changing camera settings, angles, framing and refining the image using editing software. While better DIY photos are fantastic for ongoing social media campaigns or similar, it may be worth paying an expert for the photos that will go on your website or other key marketing materials.