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How to boost your practice’s reputation

Maintaining a strong reputation for your dental practice is vital to both patient retention and attracting new patients.

Here are a selection of online and offline strategies to keep your name looking good.

Don’t just click ‘like’

When patients take the time to engage with your social media content, return the favor and take the time to respond.

Add to your patient experience

In a perfect world, you’d love to have patients gush to their family and friends about how your clinical skills are the best in town. Realistically, they’re almost as likely to mention their trip to the dentist if your waiting room serves the best coffee in town. Think about ways you can add a wow factor to the patient experience. How can you build a reputation for being the most pleasant dental practice?


You don’t need to be super-bubbly, but you do need to smile, be friendly, and engage with patients like you’re a real person. You don’t want your reputation around town to be, “Great dentist but poor chairside manner.”

Focus on community outreach content for social media marketing

If all you ever talk about on social media is dentistry, your followers may get bored and no longer engage. Take plenty of photos of you and your staff at community happenings. Not just charity events, but festivals, concerts, fairs and other functions. Community outreach doesn’t just have to be about giving back. It’s also about showing that your dental practice is genuinely interested in being part of the community.

Spend time on reputation management

It’s a good idea to periodically Google your practice name and scroll through the results to see what you find. This gives you an opportunity to respond to any misinformation or negative reviews. You can also look into outsourcing online reputation management to a company that specializes in it.

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