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How to drive patients back to your practice

The COVID-19 pandemic will likely be the single biggest cause of patient cancellations over the course of your entire dental career. Today, well over a year since the virus began to spread, you probably have many patients who are still behind on cleanings, checkups and treatments.

Here are a few tips to help remind patients that their return to the dentist is overdue.

Remind patients on social media

Some patients might be unaware that they can book an appointment and see their dentist and hygienist. Use social media to remind patients that everything is back to normal at your office. Along with simple reminders, try posting:

  • Informative videos to showcase cleaning protocols so patients can see exactly what you’re doing to maintain a sterile environment and keep them safe.
  • Testimonials from other patients who have received treatment during the pandemic.
  • A short walkthrough of the procedure patients will go through under current protocols so they’ll know exactly what to expect.
  • Content focused on the importance of regular dental care.

Check in on patients over the phone

Offering a short consultation over the phone with patients who are still reluctant to return to the chair is a great way to reestablish the rapport you’ve built with them over the years and find out if they have any pressing oral health concerns. If a patient mentions discomfort, or any other red flag issue, you will have the opportunity to explain the importance of not waiting to get treated.

Consider a mail campaign

A traditional flyer can be a good medium to reach patients you have not seen since the start of the pandemic. Not everyone follows their dentist or other healthcare professionals on social media. The mailing can be a simple reminder that your practice is open or include an offer.

Be patient

It’s worth remembering that everyone’s comfort level during the pandemic will be different. If a patient is adamant that they do not want to come in for a checkup be supportive and let them know that you’ll be there waiting when they feel comfortable.