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How to get the most out of a conference

Attending conferences can be helpful in running a successful practice. Here are a few tips to boost your dental experience and do more than just check off your CE requirements.

Set specific goals

It’s easier than ever to find out what content will be available at the conference and when. From new products that you’re interested in learning about to lectures on specific procedures, decide ahead of time exactly what you want to do while at the conference. Set at least one specific goal so that you’ll return home with the new information you need.

Plan a route through the exhibits

Look at the exhibit hall map ahead of time and chart a course to make quick work of the floor. You’re better off spending more time trying out the new technology that you’re interested in rather than trying to cover too many booths.


Building your network is a significant aspect in establishing your practice. Set explicit networking goals and schedule time to meet with people who you know will be attending the event. Don’t be afraid to reach out to attendees you’d like to meet with in advance.

Pack light

Remember that you’ll be on your feet most of the day. Think function over fashion when packing your shoes and clothing.

Shop smart

If you’re interested in specific technology, book meetings with vendors in advance to get more one-on-one time. Follow social media accounts for vendors you’re interested in, sometimes they’ll offer specials during the weeks following the conference.

Have fun

Mixing a little of pleasure with business can get you more excited about the conference. Do allow yourself some time to relax and be social.

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