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How to sell your dental equipment

Selling your gently-used dental equipment is a good way to recoup part of your investment and free up cash to invest in new equipment. Here are a few tips for getting the most for your old chair and more.

Work with suppliers that do trade-ins

The easiest way to sell your dental equipment is to sell it directly to the same company you’re buying new equipment from. While you might not get the same price as on the open market, you also won’t need to put in any of the legwork. Even if your supplier doesn’t do trade-ins directly, they may take them as part of an arrangement with a third-party seller or put you in contact with an intermediary.

Online listings

A quick Google search will produce a long list of websites where you can put up a listing for your equipment for free or a nominal fee. Popular sites include Dentaltown, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, your state dental association’s page and even Craigslist.

Ask your network

LinkedIn or Facebook dental groups and other professional affiliations including your old dental school professors can be great resources for finding dentists in need of equipment.

Finding the right price point

Pricing used dental equipment can be tricky. Even 10-year old equipment can still have a lot of value on the market and plenty of years left in the tank, but how much is your sterilizer, autoclave or dental operatory light worth? A good starting point is between 15% and 35% of the original purchase price, presuming it’s still in great working condition.

Factors that will push the price up or down include:

  • The cost of a brand-new piece of equivalent equipment today
  • Technological advancements—newer models may have features your model does not
  • Age of the equipment
  • Aesthetic condition of the equipment

Understand shipping

Shipping dental equipment may require special considerations, including insurance or the hiring of a freight service that specializes in shipping medical equipment. Plan ahead so that once you find a buyer you know exactly how to ship the equipment safely and how much it will cost.