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Ideas for doing Facebook ads right

Here are a few simple tips to get a good ROI from Facebook ads for your practice.

Social media ads are “interruption marketing”

Unlike search engine ads that are triggered by a specific keyword search, social media ads are introduced to readers at a time when they are not specifically searching for your products or services. These types of ads cost less money per view, but you need to make your ad stand out.

A compelling promotion

Marketing your dental practice on price alone is a poor strategy but offering an attractive financial incentive with your Facebook ad can be a smart one. General branding ads don’t do well on Facebook. Better results are achieved with a promotion that inspires the user to act right away.

High-quality images

An eye-catching visual can be more important than the text in a Facebook ad. Use quality photography and graphic design.

Hyper-targeted ads

Consider narrowing down the targeting for your ads. Create pediatric dentistry ads to deliver to parents in your area, ads focused on convenience for those who work near your practice, and so on. The more targeted your audience, the better you can craft an image, offer and message that will resonate.

Consider using lead gen ads

Lead gen ads provide a pre-populated form for users to take advantage of an offer without leaving the Facebook platform. By providing a more seamless experience, you’re more likely to gather contact information for prospective patients to use in email campaigns or other remarketing strategies.

Showcase your team

Patients want to see the faces of the people they will meet if they choose your practice. Professional photos of you, your associate dentists, hygienists and support staff will draw more clicks than images that are obviously stock.

Engage your audience with video ads

Just as video content is vital for your organic search strategy, the same is true for paid ads. Video performs better than all other types of online media.

Test and measure

As with any other digital campaign, using A/B testing and checking analytics can improve the effectiveness of your campaign and your return on investment.

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