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Improving the patient experience for kids

When children are relaxed, dentistry can be fast and easy. Here are some simple ideas to improve the patient experience for kids at your practice and help avoid the difficulty of dealing with an uncooperative pediatric patient.

Don’t underestimate the power of distraction

Try installing a television in the operatory and playing children’s programming. Distracting children from their dental treatment can make them calmer.

Show kids the tools you will use ahead of time

Take the time to show children the tools you will use and what they are used for before you begin treatment. Allowing kids to see the tools in advance, helps to eliminate the unknown and lower their trepidation.

Rethink restoration materials

When treating a child, time is of the essence. The longer a treatment takes, the more likely it is they’ll start to get fidgety in your chair. When restoring primary teeth, consider using materials that speed up the time it takes for you to complete treatment.

Minimize wait time

Adults don’t like waiting a long time between checking in and seeing the doctor but they figure out how to handle the situation. The longer children have to wait, the more agitated and restless they’ll likely be when they get to your chair.

Dedicate part of your waiting room decor to be kid-friendly

Kid-friendly decor can go a long way toward setting the tone for an appointment. Try to find space in your waiting room that can be set up as a kids’ corner.

Don’t be afraid to refer to a pediatric specialist

Know when to refer a pediatric patient. Take the parent aside and explain that you recommend visiting a pediatric specialist.

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