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Is your practice evolving to match today’s patients?

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Keeping up with change is key to the long-term success of your practice. There is more to the conversation than clinical advancements alone. As the needs of your patient base evolves, so should your practice.

Patient communication and interaction

Patients expect to be able to schedule, confirm and change appointments using their smartphone–and without dialing your number. You need to take appointments over email and text. Ideally, you should provide a real-time booking engine through your website that allows patients to manage their own appointments with no interaction with your staff.

Website and social media

An outdated website can make a poor first impression for your practice, particularly with younger patients. Millennials are now into their early 40s. The generational shift is complete, and you need to adjust your marketing approach to match this new reality. Along with a modern website, this also means maintaining a consistent social media presence.

Waiting room experience

Think comfort, convenience and ambience. Your waiting room should feel more like a spa than a hospital. From high quality coffee to engaging modern decor, the little things do add up for enhancing the patient experience.

Patient values

Modern patients may judge your practice on issues unrelated to dentistry or quality of care. From energy usage to recycling practices and the causes/organizations your practice supports, aligning practice values with patient values matters more than ever.


Upgrade technology inside and outside the operatory. Digital radiography and imagery are no longer cutting edge–they are expected. It’s up to you to determine the cost-benefit ratio for any given equipment investment but do consider the ramifications of not being the most technologically advanced practice in town. Investing in technology can also mean improving in-house capabilities, purchasing more advanced practice software, upgrading to faster wi-fi, using tablets at the front desk, installing televisions in both the waiting room and the operatory, and more.

Get feedback

One of the best ways to determine how well your practice is keeping up with the needs of your patients is to ask. Consistent feedback from your patient base is the best barometer for gauging how well your practice is evolving to meet their needs.