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Nine things to expect after getting your wisdom teeth out

Knowing what to expect after oral surgery can help put your mind at ease. Here are nine things to expect after getting your wisdom teeth out.

1.   Discomfort

There is likely to be some discomfort after your anesthetic begins to subside. Be sure to take all medications as prescribed by your doctor and this discomfort will be minimized.

2.   Bleeding

Bleeding at the extraction site is common but should be minimal once your blood clot has formed.

3.   Swelling

Swelling around the mouth and cheeks will typically appear the day after your surgery and increase for the next day or two. Prevent and reduce swelling by applying ice in 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off intervals, using a cloth to protect your skin from the ice pack.

4.   Stiff jaw

Being unable to open your mouth widely and the sensation of a stiff jaw are normal side effects of wisdom tooth extraction that will go away as you heal.

5.   Skin discoloration

The skin outside the extraction sites may become discolored. This bruising is nothing to be worried about and will go away with time.

6.   Numbness

Numbness in your tongue, chin, lips or face is common after receiving the local anesthesia. Give your body time for sensation to return but do contact your doctor if you continue to feel numbness after healing is complete.

7.   Lightheadedness

The combination of stress on your body from the surgery, medication and lower caloric intake from eating less may lead to a feeling of lightheadedness. If you start to feel weak or faint, sit down and rest. This could be a sign that you’re doing too much too soon.

8.   Nausea

While less common, it’s possible to feel nauseous immediately following your surgery. Avoid eating until you feel better and wait an hour, or so, before taking your medication.

9.   Holes in your gums

The feeling of missing teeth at the back of your mouth can feel strange at first, but over the next few weeks, these holes will fill with gum tissue. You may also feel the ends of your sutures with your tongue. This is normal and they will dissolve on their own.

Questions and concerns

If you are worried about any of the symptoms you experience after surgery, contact your oral surgeon for guidance.

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