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Post-retirement options for dental professionals

If you’d like to give up the stress and responsibility of running your own dental practice but aren’t ready to spend your time at the golf course, here are 5 post-retirement options to consider.

Give back through education

Becoming a part or full-time professor at a dental school is a great way to stay involved in the dental profession in an interesting, lower-stress role. Being employed in a university can lead to fascinating and rewarding research opportunities.

Public policy development

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and related associations provide guidance on legislation regarding public health policy. Working in the public sector provides the opportunity to play an integral part in the development of new policy.

Take on the role of a consultant

You can work as a consultant for dental practices or with a dental supply company, manufacturer, insurance provider or the American Association of Dental Consultants. There are many opportunities to share the knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years.

Public speaking

Speaking at dental conferences can keep you involved in the industry without having the commitment of a full-time role. Unlike teaching in the university setting, speakers at dental conferences typically have more liberty over the topics they present.

Keep your practice strong

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to prepare for retirement the right way. If you’d like to work part-time during the twilight of your career, consider hiring an associate dentist to pick up the slack and keep your current production levels strong. This will keep the value of your practice strong if you decide it is time to sell.

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