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Satisfied staff lead to better patient outcomes

Keeping your team happy is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your dental practice. Satisfied staff lead to better outcomes and happy, loyal patients. Here are a few tips to boost employee satisfaction and ensure that your team is doing their best work.

First impressions

Onboarding a new employee is the ultimate opportunity to make a new team member love where they work. A well-planned onboarding program can:

  • Get your new team member up to speed quickly
  • Make them feel welcome and at home
  • Align their goals with practice culture

Get your team the tech they need

Technology can make our lives and jobs easier. Invest in technology to improve productivity and don’t underestimate the intangible value of keeping your team happy by giving them the tools they need to thrive.

Little surprises reap big results

Everyone loves a surprise now and then. Keep things interesting at your practice by taking the team out for a surprise lunch, ordering treats for an impromptu holiday party or putting together a fun team building outing. Something as simple as a coffee shop gift card on their birthday can make a team member feel special.

Training and mentoring

Put every employee at your practice in the position to succeed by giving them the training they need to do their job to the best of their ability. Help staff improve with training customized to their individual needs.


Employees want to know when they’re doing great, and believe it or not, they want to know when they’re not doing great, too. This is how they can discover their weaknesses, improve and find greater success. Give team members honest feedback as often as possible. Ask for feedback, too. Employees have ideas they’d like to share, and complaints they’d like addressed.

Recognition, rewards and bonuses

Implementing formal systems to recognize and reward great work doesn’t just drive your team to succeed, it makes them feel appreciated for everything that they do.

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