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Some benefits of wisdom tooth extraction

For some people, wisdom tooth extraction is not completely necessary. If your dentist says the decision is up to you and you’re on the fence about wisdom tooth extraction as a preventive measure, here are some benefits of moving forward with the procedure.

Less crowding and more room for fewer orthodontic problems

When wisdom teeth develop and erupt, an additional row of teeth is added at the back of your mouth. If your jawbone isn’t large enough to fit them completely, overcrowding can take place. An overcrowded jaw can lead to problems over time as teeth are slowly pushed and moved out of the way. One issue is the potential of damage to adjacent molars, another is misalignment or crooked teeth. If tooth misalignment is severe, you may need braces to correct the problem. Extracting wisdom teeth before they erupt may minimize the risk of overcrowding.

You won’t need to clean your wisdom teeth

Located at the back of your jaw, wisdom teeth can be difficult to brush and floss properly. This means they are more susceptible to cavities, gum disease, plaque, infection and other tooth or gum issues.

Avoid orofacial pressure

Even in cases where wisdom teeth do not cause tooth misalignment from overcrowding, a lack of space in your mouth may mean there is excess pressure on your teeth as they push together to fit your wisdom teeth. This pressure can lead to orofacial discomfort or sensitive teeth and can also make it difficult to floss.

Prevent inflammation

Wisdom teeth that do not fully erupt can be breeding grounds for bacterial growth in your mouth. This bacteria can lead to inflammation. Left untreated, inflammation can progress into an infection under the gum tissue.

Avoid complications

Extracting your wisdom teeth before they cause any oral health complications is a smart choice for many patients. Talk to your oral surgeon about your personal risk factors for the above concerns as each patient’s mouth is different.

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