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Things to consider when opening a second location

A Dental Chair in an Operatory

Opening a second location can accelerate the growth of your business. Before moving forward with a practice expansion, here are some questions to consider.

Will I purchase an existing practice or start from scratch?

There are pros and cons to buying an existing practice and building a new one from the ground up. If you purchase an existing practice, how will that practice’s culture merge with your current one? Are the office layout and team a good fit with your systems and practice management style? Is the previous owner interested in staying on as an associate dentist?

Where will the new practice be situated?

Choosing a second location can be tricky. You want it to be near enough to easily travel to, without it being so close that the two locations compete against each another for patients.

Does my current office lack additional space to grow?

It’s easier to add a chair at your current location than add a whole new office. Try to exhaust all in-house growth possibilities first, before looking at a new location.

Where will you spend most of your time?

In most cases, doctors who own multiple practices spend the majority of their time at one location. Is your plan to have one of your current associates run the new location or to spearhead the new office yourself? Trying to split your time 50/50 rarely works, so make sure you have your division of time worked out in advance.

How will you staff your new location?

Will some of your team move to the new location? How will you handle hiring a full team of new employees who are a good fit for your practice culture? Replicating the success you’ve already had isn’t always easy when staffing a new office. Opening a second office isn’t something you can successfully accomplish on your own. Make sure you have a support team in place who are just as excited about growing the practice as you are.

What is your favorite aspect of being a dentist?

Some dentists love the art of practice management, including the hiring of associate dentists and helping them to learn, grow and advance their careers. Others prefer performing dentistry. Owning additional practices comes with additional practice management duties. If this excites you, great!