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Tips for marketing cosmetic dentistry

Adding cosmetic dental procedures to your offerings is a good way to boost revenue and take advantage of a growing trend in the dental industry. More patients than ever are interested in dental aesthetics above and beyond oral health care. Given this trend, what’s the best way to market cosmetic dentistry services?

Start with your existing patients

Your current patients know you, trust you, and are knowledgeable about the quality of your care. Speak to patients about cosmetic treatment options while they are in your chair, maintain an informational, not salesy, air about the conversation.

Leverage social media

Social media can be a challenging marketing channel for affordably attracting new patients, but it’s a very good medium for informing patients who already follow you about new products and services. Social media is ideal for promoting cosmetic dentistry because it’s easy to showcase the benefits of different procedures using photographs.

Put together an email campaign

Email remains one of the best ways to keep your patient base informed about what’s new at your practice. A tasteful, informative email campaign can send marketing materials directly to your patients’ inbox without making people feel as if they’re being sold to.

Build a dedicated landing page for cosmetic dentistry

Marketing cosmetic dentistry requires different messaging than marketing your practice as a whole. Having a dedicated landing page for cosmetic dentistry makes it easier to funnel new patient leads into the right part of your website. If you’re paying for digital ads, for example, you don’t want to target cosmetic dentistry patients and then send the click through to your main practice page.

Improve financing options

One of the obstacles for cosmetic dentistry case acceptance is a lack of insurance reimbursement for cosmetic procedures. Allowing patients to spread the cost of cosmetic treatment over a longer time period, makes it easier for them to say yes.

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