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When to review your systems

Your success relies on the success of the systems you implement in your practice. The better your systems, the better your outcomes will be. Here are four areas to consider.

Team members know their responsibilities

Every staff member at your practice should be able to list what they are responsible for each day, week and month. Employees want to know exactly what is expected of them so they can perform well and feel secure in their job. Each member of the team must be able to see how they fit into the bigger picture of how your practice operates.

Training materials

The systems at your practice should be documented in an employee handbook or training videos. Your training materials should include written and recorded detail and guided explanations of your practice systems.

Update your systems

You don’t want to be changing systems up so often that you confuse or frustrate your team, but you also don’t want to let systems go stale by never asking yourself how you could do something better.

Profit is not optimal

If your bottom line doesn’t reflect the effort you’re putting in, you need to break down your systems and figure out where they could be improved. If your efforts to implement successful systems fail after multiple attempts, consider investing in the help of an experienced practice management consultant.

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