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Wisdom tooth extraction and pregnancy

In this post, we’ll cover what you need to know about pregnancy and wisdom tooth extraction.

Weighing the risks of extracting now or waiting

Is getting your wisdom teeth extracted while pregnant a good idea? It depends on several factors, including the trimester you are in, the condition of your teeth and the risk of infection. If your wisdom teeth aren’t causing any complications, it’s likely best to wait until your baby is born to schedule your extraction. However, if your wisdom teeth are impacted or infected, it could be better to move ahead with the procedure.

Which is the best trimester for wisdom tooth extraction?

The second trimester is commonly suggested as the best trimester for tooth extraction or any other oral surgery. It is best to avoid the first trimester due to the high level of fetal development that takes place during the first three months of pregnancy, and the third trimester, while safe for the baby, is when it is most uncomfortable for the mother to sit for a long time.

The problem with infection

The potential risks of dental infection are greater than the risks of oral surgery, even when you’re pregnant. Infection can spread from your mouth to other parts of your body. Unless your infection can be treated with pregnancy-safe antibiotics, your oral surgeon will generally recommend the extraction of infected wisdom teeth.

What about impacted wisdom teeth?

Impacted teeth that are not partially erupted and not causing any discomfort can typically wait until after the baby is born, but if they are causing severe discomfort, liable to damage adjacent teeth or at risk of causing infection, they should be removed sooner rather than later.

Understanding the risk factors

The two primary concerns relating to oral surgery and pregnancy are x-rays and anesthetics. Your oral surgeon will take as few radiographs as possible and provide a lead apron for added protection. And unless it is absolutely necessary, only local anesthetic will be used, as it cannot travel through your body and will only impact the treated area.

Balancing the needs of mother and child

Pregnancy is a time when women should seek to maximize their health to bring a strong baby into the world. An oral surgeon can extract wisdom teeth during pregnancy while taking measures to be as safe as possible. In cases where waiting is best, your doctor will recommend this is the course of action.

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