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11 areas to review in your practice

To say the owner of a dental practice wears many hats might be an understatement. Practice owners can be pulled in many directions.

With the many tasks at hand, it’s important to review how your practice is running and look for areas of improvement. Here are 11 areas to consider.

Clinical care

Furthering clinical efficiency or setting the operatory up with better ergonomics can help keep you from tiring too quickly during the day. Streamline diagnosis and treatment planning, and you’re your methodology for improved treatment acceptance.

Strategic planning

It’s easy to get lost in day-to-day operations without thinking about the big picture, but part of your role as the owner is to define a clear mission and vision for your practice. Goal setting and analyzing progress towards those goals should be completed regularly.

Staff management

Invest time in learning how to hire well and how to set up fair, effective systems. From conflict resolution to dealing with stressed or emotional team members, HR skills can be important.

Office management

Even when you’ve got an awesome office manager, the ultimate responsibility to make sure bills are paid and everything’s running smoothly belongs to the owner. Although it’s important to trust your office manager and let them lead, you should keep your finger on the pulse of the administrative side of your business.

Billing, collections and insurance management

Eliminate headaches in the billing department by making it easier for patients to pay. From creative financing to online bill pay, leverage technology to prevent your receivables from getting out of hand.


Many profitable dental practices are those with a thriving hygiene department. Growing this aspect of the business is time well spent.

The patient experience

From front desk staff to the waiting room, to the way a patient feels when they’re sitting in your chair, offering a positive patient experience is an important factor in successful clinical care. If a patient feels uncomfortable visiting your practice, they likely won’t be back.


Poor inventory management can put a strain on cash flow or leave you hanging without the supplies you need. Look at your supply system now and then make sure you’re ordering the right amount of supplies at the right time. Get new bids now and then and consider asking your current suppliers for a loyalty discount.

Teamwork and leadership

How well your team functions is up to you. As the practice owner, you are the leader! Foster strong communication.

Marketing and practice building

Longevity in the dental industry means that you’re always on the lookout for new patients, even when your schedule is full. Keep in mind that dental practice marketing is a long game.

Technology and equipment

Finding the right balance between staying up-to-date without overspending is key to maximizing profitability.