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9 more areas to review in your practice

No matter how efficient your practice is, there is always room for improvement. Here are 9 areas to think about in your practice where potential improvements may be possible.

Keep track of dental benefits for your patients

Handling patients with employer-provided dental insurance can be used to your advantage. You could develop a tracking system to help remind patients when a covered dental benefit is about to expire. This is an especially good way to drive more profit in your hygiene area.

Develop a written financial policy

Billing and collections are an inevitable part of any practice. Make this area less painful by developing a written financial policy that can be agreed to by all patients. The policy should cover all payment options and include incentives that encourage patients to pay early

Add variety to your greetings

You can train staff members to vary their greetings so patients aren’t always met with “How are you?” at every stage of their visit from the front desk to the chair.

The phone still matters

Online booking is fast, easy and efficient but failing to train front desk staff in proper telephone etiquette can lead to patient dissatisfaction. Staff should answer the phone in a calm and collected manner, as if they’ve got all the time in the world to help the patient on the other end.

Include staff in the hiring process

When hiring a new employee, be sure your staff agrees with your choice for a new hire. Ask your current staff if they like or dislike a given candidate before you make your final decision.

Introduce humor into the office

Developing a “work hard, play hard” company culture is a great way to create an environment where team members love coming to work. Laughter echoing down the hallway can also be calming for nervous patients in the waiting room.

Hire for attitude, train for skills

Think long term when hiring a new team member. Instead of looking for a candidate who can plug straight in and hit the ground running, look for a candidate you can see working for your practice for a decade or more.

Cross-train during slow periods

Sometimes you simply can’t fill the vacancies in your schedule. You can use this time to cross-train staff on different aspects of your operation. You’ll be glad you did when things pick up again.

Cut procedures you don’t like to do

Some of the most successful dentists are those who do a few things well and don’t stress about offering every procedure. Your happiness and life balance are vital in the success of your practice. If you like what you do, you have more potential to do it well.