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Helping patients understand dental insurance

As a dental professional, you know that the benefits of dental insurance can vary widely depending on the plan, the patient, their treatment needs and other factors.

Educating your patients on dental insurance can be tricky. Here are a few tips to give your patients the information they need to make smart decisions when it comes to dental insurance and their oral health.

Explain the difference between health and dental insurance

Most Americans understand that health insurance is vital for protection against huge medical bills. Not every American knows that unlike health insurance, which covers big expenses once deductibles are met, dental insurance works differently. Instead of protecting patients against the most expensive procedures, dental insurance benefits are capped. Once this cap is reached, patients are liable for the balance.

Help patients make good health decisions

You may know what treatment a patient needs, but they balk when it’s not covered by their plan. Encourage your patients to think about dental insurance from the point of view of, “Which option is best for my oral health?” and not, “Which option saves me the most money?”

The waiting game

Timeliness of care in dentistry is especially important. Make sure your patients understand that pushing off treatment until coverage kicks in can turn small issues into big problems.

Some treatments need to be preapproved

Not only do some dental insurance policies include a list of uncovered treatments, it is also common for certain procedures to require upfront approval.

Look at the big picture

Help your patients think about their health goals. What’s more important, saving a little money, or making the smartest decision for their oral health?

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