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How to create a positive work environment

Happy employees tend to be more productive, reliable and likely to stick around for the long-term. So how can you be proactive in keeping your employees happy?

Make time for greetings and chit-chat

Humans are social creatures. No matter how slammed you are, don’t skip out on saying hello to your staff and asking about their weekend or family. A little engagement goes a long way.

Don’t skimp on praise and recognition

Feeling undervalued or underappreciated is a major reason why employees quit. Don’t wait for a team member’s annual review to let them know that they’re doing a great job.

Make tasks matter

Employees want to feel like what they do is of value. Although pay is important, employees often want their efforts to matter. Educate staff on how their position fits in with the overall vision of your practice. Don’t just teach people what to do, help them understand why they do it.

Encourage work-life balance

From offering discounts on childcare or gym memberships, to flexible scheduling and workplace wellness programs, there are plenty of ways to show your team that they’re valued outside of the office.

Improve the physical workspace

A fresh coat of paint and comfy new chairs can make a world of difference to how employees feel about coming to work. Don’t only spruce up the areas of your office seen by patients. Lighting, color and employee-friendly facilities can improve mood and productivity.

Grant autonomy

Resist the urge to micromanage. Employees want to feel like you trust them to do their job right.

Provide career growth and advancement opportunities

Remember that staff members have dreams and long-term plans. Talk to individuals about their career goals and do what you can to help them along their journey. From continuing education to cross-training, every member of your team has more potential that can be tapped.

Hire happy people

Smiles beget more smiles and laughter is contagious. Happy people can boost the moods of others. Although you should analyze resumes for skills, be sure to interview for personality as well.

Have fun outside the workplace

Team building retreats exist for a reason. While you may not need to haul your entire staff off into the forest to zip line, an occasional company dinner or picnic can go a long way.


Dismissing an employee’s idea, complaint or opinion can really crush morale. Listen to what your team has to say and show respect for their input even if you decide to take a different direction.

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