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How to hire a new associate dentist

Building a great team is one of the most important drivers of success for your practice. As you grow, bringing on associates will be paramount to your continued success.

Cast a wide net

When recruiting a new dentist for your practice cast a wide net. Usually the more applicants, the better, even if it takes time to sift through all the resumes. Take a multi-pronged approach that attracts candidates from different channels.

Get your team involved

The top performers at your practice are familiar with your culture and like working for you. Let your best employees know that you’re in the market for hiring an additional dentist. They might know someone in their own network who could be the perfect fit.

Advertise on online

Paid digital ads can be effective and affordable when done well, but this tactic can also be a money sink. Consider hiring a professional to manage your ads or garner a good understanding of the best practices before you start paying for ads. There are many paid and free job boards where you can post your job listing. Be sure to research how to write a successful job post for best results.

Dental school job boards or career fairs

There are advantages and disadvantages to hiring new graduates. If you’re up for the challenge of mentoring an up-and-coming dentist, hiring candidates right out of school can be a cost-effective way of adding talent and future growth to your team.

Take the time to hire correctly

Once you’ve gathered resumes and are ready to begin phone screenings and schedule interviews, prepare yourself for putting in the required effort to hire the right candidate for your practice. Avoid becoming impatient and hiring the first associate dentist that’s close enough. A bad hire will cost far more than the time invested in due diligence now.