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How to make your practice unique

When it comes to choosing a dentist, patients have a lot of options. How can you entice potential patients to choose you?

Building your USP

In business, a unique selling proposition (USP) is the unique benefit that a brand, service or product provides to their customers to stand out from the competition. You need a USP for your dental practice, too.

Make it meaningful

Patients respond best to benefits that impact them on an emotional level. Pinpoint what matters most to your patients and then cater benefits around these needs to make your practice uniquely suited to serve these patients.

Take the time to think about your specific patients. Are they more concerned about the price of treatment or that they’re receiving the best possible care money can buy? Do you primarily do cosmetic procedures or restorative? Are your patients in a hurry or would they prefer a more relaxed office environment?

Give yourself a competitive advantage

Once you’ve highlighted the core needs of the potential patients you’re targeting, you can make adjustments to your service offerings to give yourself a competitive advantage. Maybe you need to offer specials. Maybe you need to invest in a new piece of equipment. Maybe you need to remodel your waiting room. Maybe you need to complete some specialty training. Get what you need and then focus your marketing efforts on your USP.

Keep the message consistent

To make the most of your practice’s unique attributes, be sure to promote them throughout every marketing campaign and medium consistently. Integrate your USP into patient interactions, not just for face-to-face encounters during appointments but across all communications, from newsletters to social media or postcards and brochures. Focus on building awareness the things that make your practice different.