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How to market the patient experience

It’s common for dentists who are new to marketing their own practice is to rely too heavily on clinical skills, experience and education. While all this stuff looks impressive on a résumé, it’s just not what most patients consider when making their final decision.

In this post, we’ll explain how you can create a more effective strategy. Stop marketing your experience and start focusing on the experience a patient can expect if they choose your practice.

Competence alone isn’t enough

As a dental professional, you’re well aware that some dentists are simply more talented than others. But as obvious as this is to you, most patients will presume that all dentists are competent. They want to know, “What else do you have for me?”

Comfort, convenience and care

If patients presume all treatment outcomes will be equal, then what exactly are they looking for? Patients want to have a positive experience when visiting the dentist. They expect efficiency, creature comforts and niceties that are completely unrelated to their oral health.

Push those amenities

Comfortable seating. Stylish décor. Complimentary beverages. Fast Wi-Fi. Television or other entertainment. Even name brand coffee. Patients like amenities and usually respond well to marketing messages that include them.

Technology matters

The modern patient is tech savvy. They may research the latest equipment and treatment technologies and to expect these to be available at your practice. Whenever you invest in new equipment, get the word out and let potential patients know about it.

Warm and friendly staff

If you’re going to market smiling, compassionate and helpful staff, make sure they really are. Hire people who love what they do and maintain a work environment where everyone on your team truly cares about your patients’ experience.

Extras add up

Be sure to push all those little things you do to take care of patients with unique needs or concerns. Do you offer extra-long appointments for patients who are nervous? Do you provide better night and weekend coverage? Are you available for emergencies when the practice is closed? Proof that you’re willing to go the extra mile will be more likely to drive new patients to your chair.

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