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How to name your dental practice

Choosing the right name for your dental practice is important. Here are some common conventions you can follow to generate a list of options.

1.   Your surname

Not all practice names need to be creative or outside-the-box. [Your surname] Dentistry can be a perfectly good option, especially if your family name is well-known in the community. Do check that no other practices with the same or a very similar name already exist nearby. Keep in mind that your surname may not be the best choice if you plan to expand one day and build a larger practice with multiple doctors.

2.   Practice location

Leveraging the physical location of your practice or the area you serve can produce positive results if no other dentist in your market is already using the name, particularly for generating organic web traffic via search engine optimization. The name can be broad (city or county) if your practice has a large geographic service area. In a dense urban setting, consider going with the name of the neighborhood or even the street your practice is located on.

3.   Focus on benefits

Given that the golden rule of marketing is to convey the benefits of your product to your target audience, there’s something to be said for injecting the benefit you’re hoping to sell directly into your name. Perfect Smiles, Painless Dentistry, White & Bright can all work.

4.   Evoke an emotional response

Choosing a name that includes a positive feeling, like The Happy Dentist, can create an emotional shift where prospective patients view your practice in a positive light. This effect can be achieved directly, such as the example above, or through symbolism. Rainbow Dentistry, for example, uses a word that is completely unrelated to dentistry to put a pleasant spin on a business most people aren’t necessarily happy to be shopping for. Don’t be afraid to go outside the box, but temper your creativity with realism. If your idea is too far out there, it may be a turnoff to some people.

Once your list of potential names is complete, set it aside for a week. Then, come back to your list with fresh eyes and eliminate your least favorite ideas. Repeat this process until you whittle your options down.

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