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Ideas for creating a great waiting room experience

A clean, bright, and welcoming waiting area at an oral surgery practice.

First impressions are important in the patient experience.

Here are 10 ideas to upgrade your waiting room.

1. Comfortable, contemporary furniture

Entering your waiting room should feel more like walking into a friend’s living room than the reception area of a hospital. When choosing furniture, mix and match seating types to create a more design-oriented environment.

2. Live plants

Studies have shown that in addition to enhancing the overall appearance of a space, live plants can improve your mood, reduce stress, and create a healthier environment with fewer air pollutants.

3. Music

Playing music in the waiting room can relax patients. Do be mindful of your demographic when choosing which music to play.

4. Magazines

Some patients still expect to see physical reading material when visiting a dental or medical office. Be sure to keep magazines up to date.

5. Appeal to patients’ sense of smell

A light air freshener can be the perfect touch. Don’t go overboard, stick with more subtle scents such as vanilla or lavender.

6. Window views

A hanging basket or window ledge pot of flowers is an easy detail that can enhance your waiting room view. If the view is unattractive, invest in sheer window treatments that allow natural light in while muting the view.

7. Added amenities

A drink station and free WiFi are the minimum in complimentary amenities. Other ideas include a children’s play area, healthy snacks and charging stations.

8. Lighting

Interesting fixtures that add visual impact to your overall design can also provide soft, inviting light.

9. Patient education

In addition to artwork, framed posters that educate patients on available services and oral health tips can be well-received.

10. A fresh coat of paint

New paint is a fast and affordable way to make your waiting room feel new, even if you change nothing else in the space.