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Ideas for making your practice more convenient

Improving the patient experience is one of the best ways to get a positive buzz going about your practice. Here are some ideas to make your patients’ lives easier.

Online scheduling

The modern consumer is accustomed to booking everything online. Implementing online scheduling for appointments can keep patients happy while automating reminders, can reduce no-shows.

Email your intake form to new patients

Skip the clipboard during the new patient intake process and have all your paperwork ready ahead of time. Collecting patient details in advance isn’t just a time saver for the patient, it also saves your team time on data entry.

Rearrange your practice layout

Do your best to minimize the amount of backtracking a patient has to do to make it through an appointment at your office. Do a walkthrough of a typical patient visit and look for ways to streamline their journey through your practice.

Provide educational material

Make it easier for patients to answer their own questions, using handouts, information on your website or social media content. This saves everyone time and energy.

Upgrade your WiFi

A good WiFi connection can provide entertainment for patients will they wait for their appointment.

Invest in comfortable furniture

Make a great first impression by outfitting your waiting room with comfortable chairs and quality furniture.

Give an office tour

Take a few minutes to give new patients a proper tour of your practice. Showing patients all the different areas of your practice helps them understand the breadth of your services and works to build trust and rapport.

Ask patients for advice

Whether you ask it in person or via email, asking for direct feedback will always be the best way to find out exactly what your patients are looking for when it comes to improving your practice.