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Non-financial goals to set for your practice

A woman sitting with a laptop and notepad working on determining goals

To increase efficiency and deliver a better overall patient experience, consider laying out a series of non-financial goals in addition to your production targets. Here are some ideas to consider.

Add a new service

Expanding your service offerings can be good for business, great for patients, and an excellent strategy for differentiating your practice from competitors.

Boost employee morale

What ideas do you have for making your practice a great place to work? How can you build a stronger, more cohesive team?

Attend conferences

Set professional development goals, both for you and for the most important leaders on your team.

Improve patient education

What tools or systems can you implement to better prepare your patients to make smart decisions regarding their oral health and treatment options?

Increase patient engagement online

Make the commitment to engage on a more personal level with patients on social media. Instead of focusing on the number of followers, likes and shares on the platform, make a real effort to engage with your audience with truly useful content.

Increase your number of online reviews

An online review push can pay dividends over the long term by boosting your SEO rankings and improving your credibility online.

Improve your claim acceptance rate

Streamline your claim processing protocols with the aim of submitting complete and accurate claims the first time.

Improve your work/life balance

Avoiding burnout is key to achieving all your other goals (financial or non-financial). Sometimes the only way to maintain a healthy work/life balance is to write it into your weekly schedule.