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Preparing yourself mentally for oral surgery

Feeling apprehensive about oral surgery is a natural reaction. Here are a few tips to help calm your nerves and get you ready for the day of your appointment.

Ask lots of questions during your consultation

Learning more about your oral surgery is the best way to feel confident in your choice. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ask your doctor as many questions as possible during the planning stages. Consider every angle and write down a list of questions, from clinical inquiries about the procedure itself to postop care, long-term outcomes and anything else you’re curious about. The more information you gather the better you’ll feel, so don’t be shy about asking. Also ask your doctor to walk you through what will happen on the day of your surgery so there are no surprises.

Focus on the benefits

It’s easy to get lost in the surgery part of oral surgery when the real reason you’re having the procedure is for the long-term benefits. Try to shift your thoughts away from what will happen on the day and think more about how wonderful it will be to have your smile back or to no longer experience discomfort.

Set yourself up for fast and comfortable recovery

Feel more relaxed about your surgery by making all the arrangements to rest and recover beforehand.

  • Schedule time off work, as needed
  • Stock your fridge with appropriate foods
  • Ask a friend or family member to accompany you, if needed
  • Clean the house so there are no chores to do
  • Arrange the sofa or your favorite chair for easy relaxation time watching your favorite shows

Trust your surgeon’s expertise

Remember that while this may be your first time having oral surgery, your doctor is highly skilled and qualified, and has performed your exact procedure many times. Your oral health is in great hands!