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Seven ideas for reducing work-related stress

Conquering stress is important to a good work-life balance. Here are some tips.

1. Learn to prioritize

An unfortunate truth about running your own business is that you will likely never be “caught up.” There will always be tasks pending. If you don’t learn to prioritize, you may perpetually feel behind. Write down everything on your plate and order it by importance. As you start to take care of the most important issues, you’ll start to notice that the rest of the items on your list aren’t all worth stressing over.

2. Worst things first

It’s human nature to push off unpleasant tasks. Instead of thinking about something you need to do all day long, knock it out first thing in the morning–the longer you let it linger, the more it is likely to affect you.

3. Focus on the big picture

It’s easy to get frustrated by a challenging week. When you get down about your current situation, it can be helpful to “zoom out” and see that you’re doing great when you look at the bigger picture.

4. Divide big projects into chunks

Don’t try to find a whole day to take care of a big project you’ve been putting off. Instead, divide the project into smaller chunks that can be knocked out bit by bit.

5. Take a quick walk

Do your best to get out of the building during breaks. Just five to 10 minutes of fresh air and light exercise can do wonders for bringing your body back into balance and taking your mind off work.

6. Practice gratitude and positivity

Reminding yourself of everything that’s going well in your life on the drive to work is a fantastic way to walk through the door with a positive attitude.

7. Clear the clutter from your workspace

If you sit at your desk and see more paper and clutter than desk, it’s may be time to reorganize your personal workspace.