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The benefits of working with a dental staffing firm

A woman smiling in dental scrubs by an exam chair

Making mistakes when hiring new talent can be costly. If you are having a hard time finding and keeping the right dentists, hygienists and administrative staff for your team, you may want to consider outsourcing.

All staffing firms do is hire

Even if your practice is relatively large, recruiting new staff will be something you only need to do occasionally. Compare this to a staffing agency that interviews and hires dental professionals every day, and it’s easy to see advantages of going with a specialist. Dental recruiters understand what it is like to work in a dental office and are skilled at getting to know your practice’s particular culture and needs. Using cultural assessment software, they can determine which candidates are more likely to be a good fit. Recruiters keep an up-to-date database of available candidates and have established working relationships with many different recruiting channels.

Hiring guidance

A reputable dental staffing firm can provide valuable advice throughout the hiring process and offer guidance on making the right decisions both from a financial and human resources perspective.

Higher rate of accepted offers

Dental recruiters are skilled at presenting an employment offer in a good light. By laying out compelling reasons why your practice is the right fit for the next step in their career, a staffing agency can often persuade candidates to accept your offer over competing offers from other practices.

Fill positions faster

In most cases, a dental staffing firm will be able to fill your vacancy faster than you can do on your own. Every week your team is short a staff member, your business and patient care suffer. Expediting the process keeps your practice running smoothly. Dental recruiters also give you access to employed dental professionals who are not actively seeking a new job but might be open to change if the right opportunity comes along.

Focus on running your practice

Perhaps the biggest benefit of outsourcing part or all of your staff recruitment is that it frees up your time to tackle other managerial duties or head to the operatory.