The best freebies to give dental patients

A cornerstone of any successful dental practice is a strong network of loyal patients who return for additional treatment and recommend your services to others.

Along with providing top-notch and pain-free care, the little things you do as a practice can go a long way towards creating a positive experience for your patients.

Here are some ways to use freebies to enhance a patient’s perception of your practice.

A discount coupon

All first-time patients can be given an incentive to book their second appointment as soon as possible. From free x-rays to 25% off teeth whitening or cleaning, building loyalty in the beginning can pay big dividends over the years to come.

Hand sanitizer and antibacterial kits

This is a popular giveaway in both dental and medical offices and you can order pocket-sized kits printed with your logo.

Reusable canvas bag printed with your practice logo

With or without extra goodies inside, most people can use a reusable grocery bag. The free advertising can offer you extra exposure.

Great tasting sugar free candies

Gather your staff for a sugar free sweets taste test and then give little baggies of the winners to your patients. It’s a fun team-building exercise and a way to steer your patients away from sugary snacks.

A dental timer

A fun dental timer is a great way to help patients get in their full two minutes of brush time.

Gift cards

You can generate some goodwill by giving an exhausted parent a $5 or $10 gift card to the local coffeeshop. Consider upping the ante with more valuable gift cards for patients who have just undergone any kind of significant treatment.

Goodie bags for the kids

You can become quite popular with the little ones and their parents by giving away stickers, coloring books or small toys. Mix it up so that children don’t get bored with their prizes over time.