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Thinking of becoming a dental educator?

Switching gears to a dental education career can be a rewarding decision. Engaging in academics is an excellent way to give back to the dental community.

Here are five benefits to a position in dental education.

Networking and camaraderie

Working as a solo practitioner can become isolating. In academia, you’ll regularly interact with junior and senior colleagues and have the opportunity to build deep professional bonds. Cultivating meaningful relationships can drastically increase job satisfaction.

More travel

Along with your teaching duties, finding success as a dental educator means publishing and disseminating your findings. In most cases, your institution will subsidize trips related to research. While this sort of travel requires a great deal of hard work and preparation, it can be refreshing to work in a field where you can engage with new people, settings and cultures.

An endless opportunity to learn

Teaching at a university will expose you to a constant flow of fresh ideas and research. You’ll have access to unpublished papers and contemporaries with whom you can discuss new concepts.

Revitalize your passion

You may spark a newfound zeal for dentistry and experience a boost from working with younger people. Students are hungry for knowledge and are excited to learn and improve their capabilities.

Blaze your own trail

Working in education provides a greater level of freedom. Take your career in the direction that interests you, as opposed to being driven by market forces.

For some dental professionals, shifting to education is perfect when it’s too early for retirement but just the right time for a change.