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Thoughts on the Amabrush

The dental community has been buzzing about the Amabrush lately, and rightfully so. Described as the “world’s finest automatic toothbrush” the new tool is definitely worth discussing.

We won’t spend too much time here talking about the mechanics (you can get more information at, but we would like to share its potential role in the future of dental care.

Who likes to brush?

Most people enjoy the feeling of clean teeth, but daily oral care is typically seen as a nuisance, even when proper flossing and brushing require less than ten minutes total per day.

Dentists virtually beg patients to take better care of their teeth and yet many people just don’t do it.

This makes for an arena where the Amabrush can truly compete. Even if end results are not quite on par with traditional brushing techniques, it’s hard to argue against a device that gets people to brush more often.

Advantages of hands-free brushing

Automated technology has become quite popular, as it makes lives easier and necessary tasks seem less daunting. Even if the time saved with 10 second brushing is insignificant, we tend to think emotionally when it comes to tasks we don’t enjoy.

Because the Amabrush is marketed as a device that simplifies a daily task, it’s highly likely that the concept of hands-free brushing will take off.

Promising technology over the long haul

When it comes to off-the-wall inventions, competition soon latches on to the concept to create better versions of the original idea.

Statistically, 50 percent of people don’t brush at night because they’re too tired and the average tooth brushing time is one third of what the ADA recommends.

So for our patients — how often would a more diligent brushing routine prevent gum or dental disease?

There’s a real chance that the Amabrush can help reduce these trends. Whether or not it becomes the future of brushing? Only time will tell.