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Tips for using direct mail marketing

While digital marketing is absolutely essential in today’s modern world, there’s still success to be had in promoting your business the old-fashioned way. Here are some easy tips to get the most out of a direct mail marketing campaign for your dental practice.

Purchase a highly-targeted mailing list

The more targeted your campaign, the better your ROI. Building a list of targeted addresses is easy–you simply pay a direct mail marketing agency to put together a list of homes in your area that match the demographics you’re want to reach.

Use engaging content

Less is more when it comes to direct mail. One compelling image that draws your reader in and gets them to pick up a postcard is worth more than 1,000 words explaining all the reasons why your dental practice is the best in town. Keep copy brief and focused on benefits, not services. Instead of “We offer teeth whitening,” think, “Brighten your smile in one visit!” Speak to a patient’s motivations. Think about the reasons why they might make an appointment.

Consider getting professional design help

While using a template and taking the DIY approach can work if someone in your practice has a knack for design, there’s a good chance that paying a professional to do the graphics and layout will easily pay for itself with better results.

Include an offer

The most successful direct mail marketing campaigns include a special offer, especially if you’re trying to attract new patients to make their first appointment.

A friendly photo and bio

Build trust with people who don’t know you by including a friendly photo and short bio on the back of your mailing piece.

Divide and conquer

Don’t send the same mailing piece to every audience. Segment your mailing list. The message you send to a purchased list should be different from the message you send to patients in your database you haven’t heard from for a while, or when advertising a new service to your existing customer base. The same goes for demographics. The services you’d offer to senior citizens are likely quite different than what you’d offer to parents with small children.

Make your call to action simple and obvious

Don’t leave the audience wondering what you want them to do next. Decide what you want them to do and then lay it out in plain English. “Call now to schedule a consultation” or “Visit our website at…” Keep it simple and make it obvious.