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What is emergency tooth extraction?

Having a tooth extracted is usually an easy dental visit. But certain situations can call for an emergency procedure.

Here are some of the most common causes of an emergency tooth extraction.

An advanced infection

When an infection is severe and threatening to spread, it may be necessary to extract the tooth and have it replaced with a dental implant in the future. Visiting your dentist at the first sign of a toothache can help reduce the likelihood of this situation occurring.

Facial trauma

Auto and sports accidents are common causes of emergency dental treatment. If you suffer from facial trauma your dentist or oral surgeon will do their best to save as many teeth as possible. However, teeth that are too badly damaged will need to be extracted.


Severe misalignment of the teeth due to overcrowding can often require extraction. Some patients’ jaws are simply too small to fit all their teeth. Removing one or more teeth can create the space necessary to straighten your teeth and avoid further complications.

Removal of an impacted tooth

An impacted tooth that is pushing on adjacent teeth will often need to be removed. Extracting a tooth that is unable to make headway can alleviate pain as well as prevent future crowding and infection.

Extreme decay

A tooth that has suffered excessive decay may need to be removed in order to prevent infection. This generally happens when the damage and decay has breached the center of the tooth, causing bacteria to spread.

A measure to fight periodontal disease

Periodontal (gum) disease can affect the tissue and bones that lead to loose teeth, and removing teeth could be best in fighting the disease. Patients are recommended to visit their dentist at the first sign of periodontal disease so that the condition can be treated before it reaches an advanced stage.

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