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Why is local SEO important for dentists?

Optimizing your website to capture as much free organic search traffic as possible is a great way to keep your practice marketing working 24/7.

What is local SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a set of strategies used to boost page ranking with Google, Bing and other search engines. Local SEO includes techniques that target web users located in your local geographic area. Google identifies searches that contain “near me” or a town name and recommends local businesses.

Local SEO is important

Local SEO matters to dentists for several reasons:

  • As an in-person, brick and mortar business, most prospective patients will already be located in your local area
  • Targeting local SEO makes it easier to rank than competing on keywords that apply globally
  • Stronger local SEO improves your visibility on Google Maps, another online tool patients use to search for local dentists

How dental practices can increase search visibility using local SEO

The algorithms Google and other search engines use to determine page rankings for each search look at many different factors to calculate results, but there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed. Most of the tactics that produce the best results are straightforward.

  • Upload relevant content to your page: None of the tips and tricks matter as much as building a website that’s useful and relevant to your patients.
  • Complete your Google Business Listing: claim, verify and optimize your Google Business Listing.
  • Focus on local keywords: Think of the search strings patients would use to find a dentist in your area and work these keywords into your copy (dentist in your city, best dentist in your county, dentist near area landmark, dental office in neighborhood name, etc.)
  • Local link building: Links to your practice on other local websites such as local business directories, newspapers and the chamber of commerce will improve your ranking.
  • Encourage patients to write Google reviews: Reviews will boost your ranking.

Be patient

Local SEO isn’t something you can do over a weekend. Building your web presence is an ongoing process.