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Writing social media content patients like and share

How can you write social media content for your practice that patients will actually read? Here are some ideas.

Image first

Most posts on your social media pages should include an image, either still or video. Text-only posts don’t get as much engagement on social media as posts with images, so take the time to choose photos and graphics that are likely to be interesting to your patients.

Think captions

Once you have a strong image to work from, the words will come more easily. Especially, since social media posts should be short and to the point. Instead of focusing on writing a great paragraph or two, think to yourself, “What would be a great caption for this image?”

Be intentional

Are you trying to educate patients? Share a compelling promotion? Celebrate a success at your practice? Attract new followers? Figure out the reason for your post and the text will flow more easily.

Text should match the style of the image

If the tone of your image is serious, then the copy should match. Same goes for a funny photo, or a promotion, or an educational video.

Encourage engagement

The posts that garner more engagement are the ones that explicitly ask for it. Open-ended questions are a good way to spark conversation and drive likes and shares.

Short and direct CTAs

Every post should include a call to action (CTA). Make it simple. Make it clear.

  • Download the coupon
  • Read our latest blog post
  • Like and share if you agree
  • Book your appointment
  • Call us today

Be yourself

Whether it’s you or someone on your team who is in charge of social media content, worry less about the “perfect” way to say something and focus more on the way you would say it in “real life”.