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Understanding bone grafts for implants

If you are planning to get dental implants and just found out you need a bone graft, don’t worry. This extra step ensures your replacement teeth will have a strong foundation so you can enjoy your new smile for years to come. Why do I need a bone graft? The purpose of a bone graft […]

5 benefits of removing your wisdom teeth

Here are five benefits to removing your wisdom teeth before a problem arises. 1. Less crowding lowers the risk of future orthodontic issues When wisdom teeth erupt from the gums and grow into your mouth, other teeth can be gradually be pushed out of the way. Misalignment can lead to the need for braces or […]

Ideas for doing Facebook ads right

Here are a few simple tips to get a good ROI from Facebook ads for your practice. Social media ads are “interruption marketing” Unlike search engine ads that are triggered by a specific keyword search, social media ads are introduced to readers at a time when they are not specifically searching for your products or […]

How to use automation in patient engagement

Patient engagement is important to the success of any dental practice, but as a busy professional, you don’t have time to personally connect with all of your patients all of the time. Here are five ideas for using for automation to assist with patient engagement. 1.   Automated emails Automated emails make it easier for your […]

Taking care of yourself after implant surgery

Dental implant surgery is a safe and common procedure. To make the most of your new smile and encourage your implants to fuse to your jawbone, be sure to give your mouth the opportunity to heal. Follow these seven easy tips for taking care of yourself after your procedure and you’ll be well on your way. […]

Understanding how patients choose a dental practice

While clinical skill and certifications matter, what really drives patients to choose one dental practice over another is often less about dentistry and more about the patient experience. Referrals are still tops Nothing drives new appointments like a referral. Implementing systems that encourage and your current, loyal patients to recommend you to family, friends and […]

What is a marketing funnel?

Marketing funnels map the route that prospective patients take until they are converted into a current patient. Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your funnel can help you turn more leads into appointments. Visualizing your funnel A marketing funnel works similarly to a real funnel. A large number of leads enter into the wide end […]

6 reasons to be thankful for dental implants

Investing in dental implants is an oral health decision patients reap the benefits for years to come. Here are six reasons you’ll be glad you chose a permanent tooth replacement treatment. 1.   Smile with confidence Missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in social settings. Why continue to worry over aesthetics when you […]

Understanding IV sedation

If your upcoming oral surgery requires anesthesia, you might be wondering what to expect from the experience. In this post, we’ll answer some common questions and discuss the process. What is the difference between local and IV sedation? Unlike local anesthesia, which is applied at the treatment site to numb the area and used while […]

Writing social media content patients like and share

How can you write social media content for your practice that patients will actually read? Here are some ideas. Image first Most posts on your social media pages should include an image, either still or video. Text-only posts don’t get as much engagement on social media as posts with images, so take the time to […]